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You can now share your topics and articles in the blog without any conditions in order to encourage development and progress and to develop talent in blogging and also encourage us to continue.

How to share!

The first step

Write your post in a word document

The second step

Save the file and send it to the following email:

Sending method:

Log in to your Gmail account, then click on the Create button, and follow these steps:

  1. Click compose
  2. Type the previous email
  3. Your article title
  4. Introduce yourself
  5. Insert your article document

Thus, the transmission process was completed and I will publish a blog post while preserving the rights of the author.

I will invite you to join the blog authors via the email you sent the post with, so check your email and accept the invitation.

message for you:

I am glad you are here on the blog and support it.

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