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Plus ui 2.6.2 about page

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Create an about us Page for your Blog with Website stats, Telegram and YouTube Channel LIVE Stats.

The about us page is one of the most important pages of our website.

About Page is where visitors learn more about you and your business or website so make sure you provide all the necessary details on this page.

About us page source code

This is the official plus ui 2.6.2 about us page.

How to add About us page

1. After copying the code, go to pages and click new page.

2. Change the view to HTML view, then past the code.

3. The last step is to change the default information to your own information.

  • Change author Profile Picture
  • Change author Description
  • Change tgbTkn to your Telegram bot API Token.
  • Change gcpTkn to your Google Cloud Platform API.
  • Change group to your Telegram Group Username.
  • Change tgChnl to your Telegram Channel Username.
  • Change ytChnl to your Youtube Channel URL (Standard Channel URL).

To get a Channel id go to youtube advanced settings

To get a Google Cloud Platform API follow the below steps:

  • Go to Google Cloud Console
  • Create a Project
  • Click on Go to API and Services and then go to Library and Select YouTube data API V3 and Enable it.
  • Then go to Credentials; Click on Create Credentials and Select API Key then Copy Key.

To get a Telegram bot API Token:

Open Telegram web and sgin in.
In the search box type botfather and click start.

Send to him a message "/newbot"

Give a name and username to your bot.

Now the botfater will give you a bot API.

If you encounter any problem, do not hesitate to contact us

Copyright: @hani2up

About the Author

I'm From Tunisia, My birthday date is 02/05/2000, Generally i like learning. I'm a beginner in programming and designing. I want to share with you what i tried and learned, so that you may benefit. You can find us by typing: @hani2up

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