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Plus ui 2.6.1 SafeLink page

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This is the official safelink and destination page theme of Plus ui 2.6.1 blogger template, it works %100.

What is a safelink and destination pages?

When someone will try to access the link, the person will have to go through the SafeLink to get the link encrypted into this set of codes and often, the SafeLink will ask you to wait for some seconds in order to access the link you are trying to access.

Destination page is a web page that a person reaches after pressing a button or link on another page, social network, etc.

It is used to promote or highlight a product, novelty or promotion. It is therefore a good advertising tool and with which it is easier to reach more users and potential customers if that is your job.

SafeLink and destination pages helps both persons (both owner and client/visitor) in such a way that the owner receives page views and revenue from his visitors if he monetizes his website and a visitor get the link or the content he came to look for on that website.

Follow these steps to make SafeLink page work %100

How to add destination page

After download the pages code, choose the destination page style and copy the code.

  • Go to pages, then New page

  • Switch to HTML view.
  • Past the code and click save icon.

How to add SafeLink page

  • Copy the SafeLink page code
  • Go to pages, then New page
  • Switch to HTML view, Past the code
  • Now open your previous destination page and copy it link
  • Change those destination pages links to your own
  • Click save icon.
Now if you generate a link by this SafeLink page, whoever clicks on the new link will be directed to your destination pages.

Download the official plus ui SafeLink page

To get the decompression password, contact us

Copyright: @hani2up

About the Author

I'm From Tunisia, My birthday date is 02/05/2000, Generally i like learning. I'm a beginner in programming and designing. I want to share with you what i tried and learned, so that you may benefit. You can find us by typing: @hani2up


  1. Safelink not working
    1. Hi,
      Yes, it is not working in Plus UI 2.6.2.
      But it work with plus ui 2.6.1, you can try it:
  2. bagaimana cara menambahkan prayer time
  3. Please make Safe link Video
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