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Plus ui 2.6.1 premium blogger template licensed - Free download

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Plus UI Template is created by Deo Kumar and is managed and sold by fineshopdesgin, with the leadership of jagodesain.

This template is a modern blogger theme developed by combining Median ui and imagz premium blogger template, it is completely SEO friendly and very responsive design.

Plus ui works well on all devices, as search engines like Google give more priority to mobile indexing

Features of Plus UI 2.6.1


Realtime Views
Maintenance Mode
Quick Edit
Bookmark Posts
System Default Theme
Theme Color
Music Player
Google translate
Country Block
Cookies Consult
No Internet Connection
Countdown Download Box
Modern Blogger Template
landing page
Fully Responsive and Mobile Friendly
Separate Homepage and Blog Page
RTL Supported
Dark Mode Support
Safelink Generator
Stylish and Responsive About Page
Stylish and Responsive Contact Page
Stylish and Responsive Sitemap Page
AdSense In-Feed Ads Supported
Table of Contents Support
Disqus and Facebook Comments
Reading Progress Bar
Article or Product Ratings
SEO Optimized
Fully Customizable Background, Widths, Colors and Fonts


Plus UI comes with many add-on features that make this template unique and you will not find such features in any template.

Here are some addons that are available in Plus ui 2.6.1

  • Realtime View: to store view count Uses.
  • Maintenance Mode: If Maintenance Mode is on, then visitors will not be able to access your site till the time you set so that you can make changes to your blog. Whenever an admin of your blog comes, it will not be visible.
  • Quick Edit: This can be one of the best add-ons for those who have many posts published on their blog. Whenever an admin visits the blog, an edit button will appear, through which they can be taken directly to the blogger page/post editor. They can also take backup like blogger content and much more. Button will appear in comments so that admin can delete comments by clicking on it to remove any wrong comments.
  • Bookmark Post: This add-ons will allow visitors to bookmark / save the post so that they can read it later. Bookmark posts are saved in local storage, so whenever visitors clear site data or cookies, all bookmarks will also be deleted.
  • System Default Mode: If the system default is selected by the users, then the site mode will be automatically switched according to device mode.
  • Theme Color: Now visitors can choose their favorite theme color for the blog as per their choice. You can set any one of 10 theme colors as per your wish.
  • Music Player: Also comes with Plus UI v2.6 music player, so you can play your audio file MP3.
  • Countdown timer box: If you are providing a file to download on your website, this download box will be helpful for you.
  • Ad-Blocker: Helps you to increase your advertising revenue.
  • Cookies Consult: To obtain consent from visitors about Cookies Collecting Data.
  • Country Block: To block visitors from any one country from accessing your site.
  • No Internet Connection: Notifying the visitor when the internet connection is broken.
  • Force JavaScript: Helps you to serve ads and content seamlessly.
  • Google translate: To give your blog multilingual support.
  • Safelink: Increase your page veiws and generate more revenue.
  • Categorised Posts: A section where posts will appear with a specific Label.
  • NextGen Image Format: We have tried our best to serve the images in webp format. Thumbnail images, Slider images, etc. will be served in webp format for better PageSpeed Insights Score.


Comes with Minimalist Medium UI layout, landing pages and nice footer design.

This theme comes with its own designed pages. Which looks good. Which you do not get in any other theme.

It comes with three pages that you can view the demo.

Get the premium template

There are many people who publish the plus ui template, it is not the last version of template, they just made some modifications to the previous version 2.6, after trying these templates, you will notice that there are things that work with the last template 2.6.1, but they do not work with these free templates.

In this topic, I present to you the plus ui 2.6.1 latest and paid version.

Follow the next links to get plus ui 2.6.1 premium blogger template.


This theme is premium (paid). You can only get it by purchasing officially. If you get it for free through any method, that means you get it illegally.

Copyright: @hani2up

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I'm From Tunisia, My birthday date is 02/05/2000, Generally i like learning. I'm a beginner in programming and designing. I want to share with you what i tried and learned, so that you may benefit. You can find us by typing: @hani2up

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