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Activate any Windows version

Activate Windows xp/vista/7/8/8.1/10/11
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How much do we know to activate Windows you need a digital license or a product key, if Windows was previously activated on your device, your new copy of Windows should be activated automatically.

You need to activate Windows to get some features and the ability to customize them.

How to activate Windows for free without product key

There are other methods to activate Windows such as Command prompt (CMD) and connecting to kms server.

With this method you can activate any windows version such as: Windows xp/vista/7/8/8.1/10/11... In various versions safely without viruses.

This program is constantly updated by its developer Ali Hassani

How to download Windows Activator

Download link: Activator Master v5.0 by Ali Hassani

Search for Activator Master and click on it to download.

After download and first of all you need to disable protection in order to the program work.

How to disable protection manually

Follow the next steps

  1. Go to settings, then Update & security, then Windows security.
  2. Now open windows security.
  3. We need to deactivate Virus & theart protection, and App & browser control.
  4. Inside Virus & theart protection click on manage settings, now disable all activated commands on.
  5. Back to App & browser control, click on Reputation-based protection settings, and disable all activated commands on.
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Now let's move on to activate the windows

Activation steps

After disabling the protection, extract the program files and open it.


Perform the steps in order and make sure that the process is completed each time with the appearance of the word Done before moving on to the next process.

  1. Disabling the protection (we did)
  2. Disable windows defender
  3. Disable windows update
  4. Disable driver signature
  5. Delete all files in temp folder
  6. One click all windows activator
  7. Remove windows test mode watermark

Now you need to restart your computer and see the result.

Now you can reactivate the protection

Note: this method is illegal, it is better to get an official and paid product key

If you encounter any problem, do not hesitate to contact us

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